Pure Spirit

Master project 2021 at RMIT

“Pure Spirit” project explores cultural speculation with a main focus on inspiration drawn from Chinese Peking Opera. The project uses tulle spherical objects to create exaggerated silhouettes and is based on my own design strategies developed where relationships between 2D and 3D form can be activated and performed through movement and the body, resulting in joyous and playful bold visual expressions of inclusivity and positivity an antidote to the often difficult times we are currently experiencing. Presented as a series of circular layered tulle objects, the project recreates the exaggerated spherical silhouettes produced by the movement/dance of Peking Opera performers. The series of objects are scaled to relate to a predetermined silhouette and wrap around different parts of the body. The bold primary colours red, blue, white, and black are drawn from the performance of Peking Opera and the decorative technique of appliqué disassembles the motif of face masks worn by performers as a way to explode pattern and recombine it with overlapping forms that play on the effect of moire allowed by the properties of the tulle material used through the collection. My use of the word 'pure' in my project title refers to a purity and singularity of both material (tulle) and technique. Each item is an independent 'dress object' that can be matched in different looks. The collection 'Pure Spirit' as a whole presets a dynamic, rich and joyous visual expression of the body in space, the garments are not determined by body size or shape or any other physical trait. they are designed to present a positive and inclusive world view that delivers joy and wonder to all that experience them.


Xian - Wudong

Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) 2019 – 2020

This collection is composed of two parts: The first ‘Xian’ and the second ‘Wudong’. It is inspired by the ancient Chinese mythological lore: “The creation of the world by the God Pangu”. The God Pangu’s story always brings me all the way back to my childhood. I hoped to present the deep meaning of Pangu’s story and present it through my collection in a way that would conform with modern styles.

In the collection, the first part of story is present by “Xian” which expresses the early world's elements before Pangu sacrificed his physical form to birth the world. The organic colours of the collection are drawn from the barren canvas of nature. The second part is “Wudong” that presents the next step in the evolution of life as the world expanded. This collection celebrates this forward movement with more vibrant colours.

The ensemble has modern abstract aesthetics with a vibrant colour palate, it explores different fabrication techniques through its form. The materials and colours travel along the story line harmoniously and represent evolution of life over time. The concept moves from simple to representing more complex structures of our modern-day existence.





Bachelor of Fashion (Design) Spring/Summer 2020

The “Walking patterns” collection is influenced by the Bauhaus style. The collection will be composed of two parts, respectively inspired by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Massily Kandinsky. Moholy-Nagy’s paintings impact on me in this thought process is significant. Most of his paintings match colours with simple geometric shapes. During my design research, I explored the concept of circles in three-dimensional shapes that take the form of a crescent moon. Geometric colourful prints are applied as the main element throughout the entire collection. Here, l draw from Kandinsky’s paintings, which are outstanding and full of energy. I used drinking straws and colour paper collaged to make the print patterns. They present the vibrancy between shapes and colours.


Bachelor of Fashion (Design) Autumn/Winter 2019

The collection explores vibrancy in Brunswick, Victoria. Brunswick is a multi-cultural historical inner-city suburb of Melbourne. The inspiration for this collection is the vibrant colour of graffiti. The collection features minimalistic silhouettes with geometric details where I used the three primary colours. This is what I thought stood out amongst the graffiti to develop my design idea and believe colours have their own language. In my design, the geometric figure is used to translate this language. Altogether the colours and shapes create this Brunswick vibrancy. I experimented with knitting to create a rectangular form with baggy sleeves and explored the three-dimensional form by manipulating the fabric to create multiple protruding triangles.


Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology) spring/summer 2019

Leaves are the main element in the collection. It was presented by shape, layers.  Nude colour snowflake design was used for the digital print on the ivory dress, two contrast colours were printed the warm of sunshine in the winter. 


spring/summer 2010

The inspiration for this collection comes from the shell of the fossil.

Pleats and layers are the main elements.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Graduation Fashion Show, BEST READY-TO-WEAR, Singapore 2010

The design was published in the Gadget Magzine, Singapore.

(May 2010)

Häagen-Dazs collection 2009

Häagen-Dazs introduced apricot new flavour ice-cream.

Orchard Road, Wisma Atria in Singapore

Published in BAZAAR, September 2009