Spring/Summer 2020

The “Walking patterns” collection is influenced by the Bauhaus style. The collection will be composed of two parts, respectively inspired by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Massily Kandinsky. Moholy-Nagy’s paintings impact on me in this thought process is significant. Most of his paintings match colours with simple geometric shapes. During my design research, I explored the concept of circles in three-dimensional shapes that take the form of a crescent moon. Geometric colourful prints are applied as the main element throughout the entire collection. Here, l draw from Kandinsky’s paintings, which are outstanding and full of energy. I used drinking straws and colour paper collaged to make the print patterns. They present the vibrancy between shapes and colours.


Autumn/Winter 2019

The collection explores vibrancy in Brunswick, Victoria. Brunswick is a multi-cultural historical inner-city suburb of Melbourne. The inspiration for this collection is the vibrant colour of graffiti. The collection features minimalistic silhouettes with geometric details where I used the three primary colours. This is what I thought stood out amongst the graffiti to develop my design idea and believe colours have their own language. In my design, the geometric figure is used to translate this language. Altogether the colours and shapes create this Brunswick vibrancy. I experimented with knitting to create a rectangular form with baggy sleeves and explored the three-dimensional form by manipulating the fabric to create multiple protruding triangles.


spring/summer 2019

Leaves are the main element in the collection. It was presented by shape, layers.  Nude colour snowflake design was used for the digital print on the ivory dress, two contrast colours were printed the warm of sunshine in the winter. 


spring/summer 2010

The inspiration for this collection comes from the shell of the fossil.

Pleats and layers are the main elements.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Graduation Fashion Show, BEST READY-TO-WEAR, Singapore 2010

The design was published in the Gadget Magzine, Singapore.

(May 2010)

Häagen-Dazs collection 2009

Häagen-Dazs introduced apricot new flavour ice-cream.

Orchard Road, Wisma Atria in Singapore

Published in BAZAAR, September 2009