Master project 2021, RMIT

“Pure Spirit” project explores cultural speculation with a main focus on inspiration drawn from Chinese Peking Opera. The project uses tulle spherical objects to create exaggerated silhouettes and is based on my own design strategies developed where relationships between 2D and 3D form can be activated and performed through movement and the body, resulting in joyous and playful bold visual expressions of inclusivity and positivity an antidote to the often difficult times we are currently experiencing. Presented as a series of circular layered tulle objects, the project recreates the exaggerated spherical silhouettes produced by the movement/dance of Peking Opera performers. The series of objects are scaled to relate to a predetermined silhouette and wrap around different parts of the body. The bold primary colours red, blue, white, and black are drawn from the performance of Peking Opera and the decorative technique of appliqué disassembles the motif of face masks worn by performers as a way to explode pattern and recombine it with overlapping forms that play on the effect of moire allowed by the properties of the tulle material used through the collection. My use of the word 'pure' in my project title refers to a purity and singularity of both material (tulle) and technique. Each item is an independent 'dress object' that can be matched in different looks. The collection 'Pure Spirit' as a whole presets a dynamic, rich and joyous visual expression of the body in space, the garments are not determined by body size or shape or any other physical trait. they are designed to present a positive and inclusive world view that delivers joy and wonder to all that experience them.

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